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Why Humility Matters? - Story of the Titanic

Why Humility Matters? - Story of the Titanic

Nibbrati Rathore, a passionate educator and a #HappyTeachers, is blessed with a beautiful voice and a love for children. She is a mentor, volunteer and teacher at My Good School. This episode is about humility, the value that should be numero uno, successful, and humble.

"The low sweet root from which all heavenly virtues shoot,  that's HUMILITY.

Humility is the quality of being humble. It is a quality of being humbly respectful of others. It is that self-respect that keeps us away from thinking too highly or too meanly of ourselves.

Humility makes us modest and constantly reminds us how far we have come in life and what more we can do. Humility is an important virtue or trait that every person should have.

Everyone deserves respect and a word of kindness, which has nothing to do with profession, age or gender". - Humility and Appreciation - Tarang JMMS, Post on

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