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Two Girls One Mic Episode 8

Two Girls One Mic Episode 8

Season 12, Episode 8 Dive into another episode of 2 Girls 1 Mic. This episode will take you to places you have never been! From the serene mountains to the progressive country of Dubai, they talk about all. Who doesn’t love travelling? And what’s travelling without any food? Trust us, you can’t call yourself a foodie if you haven’t eaten in Delhi. In this episode, Saikiran joins, and all three girls will make sure you get peckish, so sit with a bowl of something. Tune into this unhinged and raw episode of 2 Girls 1 Mic as the three girls share a mic and delve into another world of Food and Travel. Feel free to leave comments as you join us in this hearty and engaging discussion. Please leave us comments in the comment section! We would love to read them. Thank you to Sandeep sir and My Good School for giving us this fantastic opportunity! Gyanshree School is a member of the Good Schools Alliance, and the students produce the episodes of 2 Girls and 1 Mic with virtually no assistance from adults and teachers #JoyOfLearning #MyGoodSchool. Enjoy the amateur effort, and cheer them up for this courageous show! Hosts - Simar Kaur and Oshi Singh Guest - Saikiran Sahu Sponsored by My Good School. --- Support this podcast:

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