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Two Girls one Mic Episode 3

Two Girls one Mic Episode 3

Are your school years the best years of your life? The perception of whether or not one's school years are the best years of their life can vary significantly among individuals. For some, high school may be a time filled with fond memories, fulfilling friendships, and exciting experiences. However, for others, high school may be associated with challenges, stress, and difficult transitions. Therefore, it is crucial to recognise that the experiences and perspectives of individuals differ, and there is no universally applicable answer to whether school years are the best. Tune in to the 3rd episode of 2 Girls, 1 Mic to listen to three teenagers discovering life. In this episode, they discuss their personal experiences and perspectives on whether their school years have been the best years of their life. Their exciting take on this age-old question can bring you back to your school years or even help you make the most of them right now! Lastly, we would love to hear about your school days too! Mention your stories and anecdotes in the comment section, and we will be delighted to listen to them! Thank you, My Good School, for giving us this fantastic opportunity. Hosts - Simar Kaur and Oshi Singh from Gyanshree School Guest - Yashraj Sharma from Gyanshree School Good Schools Alliance Where Passion Meets Education --- Support this podcast:

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