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Trust @ My Good School

Trust @ My Good School

My Good School Season 9 Episode 15. If you want to be trusted, be honest. If you want to be honest, be true. If you want to be trusted, be yourself. Trust is the purest of values, the most beautiful of bonds and the deepest of connections. We all are here because we have the power to trust, we are here because we can sustain being trusted, and we are here to spread Trust among others. Trust is the best proof of love; it is an invisible thread which connects us all. It takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair. Treasure it. Trust is the most beautiful when witnessed; it combines every value we know love, respect, friendship and much more.

Trusting others is the very essence of any human relationship. We can't be friends if we don't trust, we can't be partners if we don't trust, we can't be students if we don't trust, and likewise, we can't be human if we don't trust. Trust is to give away a part of yourself to someone else and believes that they will keep it safe.

At My Good School, we continue happily simply because we trust each other; we have faith in one another that each of us is special and unique, and the My Good School Retreat 2023 experience has further deepened this bond of Trust. So Trust is the foundation of love.

Join Anvesha and Simar in this beautiful conversation where Rishona and Oshi share their take on Trust.

Anvesha Rana and Simar Kaur - Hosts from Gyanshree School

Rishona Chopra And Oshi Singh- Guest from Gyanshree School

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Cover art by Rishona Chopra.

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