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Thoughtfulness @ My Good School

Thoughtfulness @ My Good School

My Good School Show Season 9, Episode 13 As we express gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live by them. Thinking about others and ourselves is vital; thinking twice before an important decision and letting others know you are always there is Thoughtfulness. Join Anvesha and Simar as they explore Thoughtfulness and dive into this beautiful conversation where Rishona expresses her take on being thoughtful. Anvesha Rana and Simar Kaur - Hosts from Gyanshree School Rishona Chopra- Guest from Gyanshree School Anvesha: We welcome you to My Good School Show Season 9, Episode 13, where passion meets education. I am Anvesha Simar: I am Simar, and we will be your hosts for the event. We have Rishona here with us today to share her take on Thoughtfulness. Anvesha: To be mindful about our activities and compassionate and empathetic about others is our Thoughtfulness. Simar: Yes indeed, now let us invite Rishona here. Rishona, what are some instances where you have been thoughtful? Rishona: Thoughtfulness is when a thought comes to you to care for someone. Just simply that thought creates Understanding. An instance where I can remember being thoughtful is when one of the students fell during a race at a school. I noticed no one was helping her and was too busy winning the race. At first, I didn't see it either. I thought the students around her would help, but when no one did, I went up and helped her stand up. But although I helped her up, I didn't wait any minute longer and just ran to continue the race, which I think is selfish. Deep inside, I, too, was concerned about winning the race. I need to improve this in myself, overcome my desire for selfishness, and learn to be selfless. Thoughtfulness should not come to show someone that you have done something but should come from the heart. Simar: Thank you, Rishona; you are indeed one of the most thoughtful people we have met, and being considerate is indeed the moment's need. Anvesha:   With that, we come to the end of our podcast. Comment below and let us know if you liked our podcast. If you want to be a part of similar podcasts, join us. We hope to meet you again soon when we return with a podcast on Tolerance next month. That's all for us today. Enjoy our shows on You will love the stories our students, teachers, and passionate educators share. Please find out more about My Good School at --- Support this podcast:

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