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Supratim Kar "I am passionate about Education...

Supratim Kar "I am passionate about Education...

Episode #95: Sandeep Dutt in conversation with Supratim Kar In today’s episode, Supratim shares his experience with the education system, how the traditional methods need remodelling to suit the altering dynamics of the education system, the learner-centric education system is the newfound method and how it is reshaping the pedagogy, how to enable the learners to take their learning forward, how to translate learning into something quantifiable and how to make it actionable, how children should be assessed and the basics of assessment, his experience with Learning Forward India Foundation and much more. Supratim has over 26+ years of professional and entrepreneurial experience in the Information Technology and Education domains. He brings multi-domain, multi-functional skill sets with proven competencies in strategic brand and marketing communications with hands-on experience in brand building and management. A professional with deep domain exposures in both design and development of ‘Learning Systems’ and implementing a range of innovative technology solutions in the education spheres. Supratim has been the brain behind developing a unique Learner centric pedagogical framework, as a holistic learning system, to enable youngsters to increase and improve their employability quotient, one that has been highly ranked by a leading international ranking agency and is currently being used by one of India’s fast-growing B-schools in both its education and training portfolios. He is a passionate writer and has authored a memoir on behalf of India’s leading IT luminary, which helped shape the IT Industry in its formative years. A voracious reader, he loves classical music and spends his spare time sharing his thoughts with the world at large through his blog.

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