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Simplicity @ My Good School

Simplicity @ My Good School

My Good School Show Season 9 Episode 12 There is Beauty in Simplicity, there is beauty in the most small things and there is beauty in the darkness of life. To let go of our extravagance, hypocrisy and abstraction is the key to Simplicity. Learn to live simply, talk humbly and be grounded. Join Anvesha and Simar as they explore Simplicity and dive into this wonderful conversation where Reveda expresses her take on being responsible. Anvesha Rana and Simar Kaur - Hosts from Gyanshree School Reveda Bhatt - Guest from The Aryan School Simar: The art of art, the glory of expression, and the sunshine of the light of letters, is simplicity. Anvesha : With that we welcome you to My Good School Show Season 9 Episode 12 where passion meets education. I am Anvesha Simar: And I am Simar and we will be your hosts for the event. We have Reveda here with us today to share her take on Simplicity Anvesha : Those who live life with deep understanding, live life with Simplicity. It lies inside all of us, unshaken, untouched under all the extravagance that we live in, we often forget the lifeline, Simplicity. Reveda, what does simplicity mean to you and why should others live by it ? Reveda: Simplicity is the idea of being down to earth even after having ample materialistic things like money and fame, both of which some people use as keys to the "Door of Domination." What it means to me is to keep your wings closed to stay on the ground even when you can fly above the clouds, flattering them all the way through. Simar: Thank you Reveda, Simplicity is indeed very vital for our lives. Anvesha: With that, we come to the end of our podcast. Comment below and let us know if you liked our podcast. If you want to be a part of similar podcasts, join us. We hope to meet you soon again when we are back with a podcast on Thoughtfulness next month. That’s all for us today. --- Support this podcast:

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