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Rima Chibb "I am passionate about Education...

Rima Chibb "I am passionate about Education...

Episode #70: Sandeep Dutt in conversation with Rima Chibb, a communication strategist, filmmaker, education media specialist and creative educator, influencing the education, learning and development sector. Her forte lies in developing original content and message design to drive communication strategies that engage target audiences. Rima draws on the power of artistry in everyday life and makes it available as a learning resource. She works towards addressing urban sustainability through a diverse range of content with multicultural perspectives, exploring several mediums and platforms for content design and greater outreach. She has witnessed the immense potential and scale of using the audio-visual medium as a tool for disseminating information, spreading education and best practices. This strengthened her resolve to use video as a communication tool to inspire change; especially impacting learning, attitude and behaviour. Communication strategies for education, learning & development domains using a COMBI (Communication for Behavioural Impact) approach are an effective way to leverage her strengths. An advocate of flipped learning and transmedia storytelling, she has developed cutting edge learning communication design solutions and training content for corporate social responsibility projects involving schools, teachers, students, young adults, parents and communities. She shares her love for children, how they are influenced by the connections and how their behavioural change happens with the influence of people they connect with. Using her skills as a filmmaker she has done interesting experiments with video-powered professional learning and now is working to upscale her work.  --- Support this podcast:

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