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The Heartbeat Of School Harmony

In this reflection from Masterclass 2024, Paul Puthenveetil Variath considers respect's role in school and life. Respect can help create harmonious relationships, especially in schools where diversity plays a prominent role. Paul is the Head of QC and R&D of the Sunbeam Group educational institutions. He is a passionate educator who has climbed the ladder with passion and commitment from a teacher to a principal and Head of Quality Control at the Sunbeam Group. He is one of our best pupils for Masterclass 2024!

The Teacher’s Academy
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Our program, based on Kavita Ghosh’s book Wanted Back­Bencher Last Ranker Teacher, fosters a collaborative learning environment. Staff members work together to gain knowledge and solve significant student learning problems in their schools. We value each member's unique needs and strive to assist them in meeting their objectives. Our experienced coaches provide unwavering support, ensuring every educator feels included and valued in our collaborative learning community.

”The Teacher’s Academy” by Learning Forward India is a Global Innovation recognised by the World Bank Education Group. It promotes building professional learning communities through social media and open-source resources, using the hashtag #HappyTeachers.

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