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Ravi Santlani "I am passionate about Education...

Ravi Santlani "I am passionate about Education...

Episode #86: Sandeep Dutt in conversation with Ravi Santlani, the Founder and the Chief Executive Officer of ScooNews, a Media platform for the education sector, including print, online, online TV and events. With 15 years of entrepreneurship experience in varied fields, he is essentially a hands-on professional who knows that God lies in the details. His current innings powered by his passion for education and its vast potential to change lives. Ravi believes that it is time to ‘Unlearn’ legacy education and make way for disruption using local and global influences in technology, innovation and creativity resulting in skill development and deep learning. Over the years, his business ventures helped him essay the roles of marketer, financial expert, investment guru, word-of-mouth publicity generator, an extremely efficient project manager, an out and out people’s person and lastly helped him master the art of the fabled Indian ‘Jugaad’. In his current role, he helms ScooNews, a very young and dynamic organisation driven by the zeal to improve the education ecosystem. He sees himself as a facilitator who brings together the right people who are equally crazy for using technology to bring about a positive change in the lives of all stakeholders in any educational institute. His areas of interest are team building activities for improving productivity, product innovation and employee motivation and retention. Ravi has a thing for Augmented & Virtual Reality, and he believes that this technology can change the way students learn today. He dreams of building and sharing a framework on "The Schools of The Future", where children learn 21st-century skills creatively. In the podcast, he shares his experience over the last five years, visiting over 1000 schools, connecting with over 5,000 educators and individuals who are part of the education sector in India. Ravi believes in professional learning communities and talks about peer learning, how from one teacher to another we can build a skilled task force to take learning forward in India and the world. His firm belief in a paradigm shift in teaching and learning promises a world full of future leaders. The next question, what will happen to the knowledge each of us accumulates in our lives? Do we need a solution to some form of knowledge management? Ravi talks about a repository where we can all 'donate' our learning as we do with our organs for social good. He shares the words of Shukla Bose to emphasise the demands for deeper and quality learning post the COVID19 world; we will need to look at teachers as the ones who will lead the rediscovery, be the healers and counsellors...and even more, build a humane society.

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