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Philip Burrett “I am passionate about Education...

Philip Burrett “I am passionate about Education...

Episode #88: Sandeep Dutt in conversation with Philip Burrett, an ex-school master and deputy Headmaster at The Doon School, with 43 years of teaching experience. Now a school consultant, trainer, coach, school mentor and traveller. Has taught in co-ed and single-sex boys schools in Delhi and Mumbai till he arrived at The Doon School Dehradun (India) in 1985. He believes that boys end up in trouble; when we look around, we see many reasons. He is very concerned about handling boys and how we can best educate them. His efforts are to move them away from the pseudo masochism that most boys think is needed to become new warriors-men with empathy and kindness. Now retired seeks to take boys into the outdoors to train, coach and mentor. The need of the hour is to help boys become men and make these rites of passage enjoyable. Once a teacher, always a teacher, works to help colleagues and live well with his family. Philip's father served in the forces, and this is where he learnt the meaning of colour, the need to respect women and persevere. His passion for the outdoors must be his DNA, and he finds that learning is only outside the classroom, beyond the closed spaces and boxed mindsets. Finds that boys in particular call for trouble, and the prisons are full of men. This happens because they lack role models. It is time now for 'men empowerment, and this gives due credence to the Mankind Movement he once followed. We can not make half-baked men; there is a definitive need for rituals, routine and rhythm to help reform the world in distress.

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