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Our broken relationship with Nature - Rishona Chopra

Our broken relationship with Nature - Rishona Chopra

My Good School Season 11 Episode 6

Rishona Chopra Grade VII Gyanshree School

Nature is all around us. The magnificent trees, the lush green forests, the animals and the birds. And in fact, we humans are nature. We are not a part of it but we are nature. Nature heals us. By this, I don't mean just the trees and forests that heal us. I mean, our loved ones, friends and parents care for us and support us, standing selflessly as our backbone.

Human's greatest enemy is ego. It is the fuel for anger, jealousy, greed and whatnot? For greed, we fight wars. Why? For a mere piece of land. That very land belongs to none of us. Countries fight for the mountain areas that come in the area of our country. But, in reality, that land is neither ours nor theirs. It is nature which has no possession. Just like we don't have the owners that we belong to, neither does the land.

Without realizing it, we hurt nature for a pretty silly reason. In the midst of these wars, aren't oceans and mountains being affected? We greedily fight for possession but do we take that possession with us when we die? One day, it all has to be lost. Plants, humans, animals and birds are all nature. We are one and are meant to live in harmony. But we have all broken ourselves into different categories. We are meant to live in peace and harmony, yet we have created a broken relationship with one another.

The beauty of our world lies not in the biodiversity of our planet but it the harmony that we create with one another. Due to the broken relationship, neither are satisfied, neither are we nor are the plants and animals. It is high time we fix this relationship, by realising that ego is indeed our greatest enemy and has ruined so much for us. We will have to cure the wounds we have caused and prevent more from being created.

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