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Mukesh Shalet "I am passionate about Education...

Mukesh Shalet "I am passionate about Education...

Episode #82: Sandeep Dutt in conversation with Mukesh Shalet, an educator and a life long learner. A firm believer in Kaizen he evolved as a teacher by close observation of his peers, school visits and compiling best practices. Long before pedagogical practices like learning styles, Multiple Intelligence, theatre in education & cooperative learning gained currency he used them as a teacher & mentor. He believes that a superior force works through him to impact the lives of students & parents. His interests beyond education include ‘the why theatre’, psychology and the occult sciences. A life long learner Mukesh would like to be reborn as one foe there is so much to learn & a lifetime is not sufficient. He has been a school leader in boarding schools, day schools, coed schools and even today, as the principal of a school, he remains a teacher, as he loves to teach English. His passion for music and theatre offers us a glimpse of his sensitivity, the trust with his inner self and how, as a chief learning leader, he works to empower his teachers and students alike. As for most of us, his parents also played a key role in becoming a teacher; the compassion of his mother and the discipline of the father are both important traits of his character today—a family man who keeps up with the times and believes in values and traditions. In the podcast he shares how the year 2020 helped him and his team take learning forward, a major change from yesteryears, the teachers learnt as much from students who are more agile and savvy with technology. Finally coming to his belief: I believe that God continues to create children since he is not yet tired of the man. I also believe that man is yet to understand the mind of a child; I believe in striving for excellence in everything but also believe that excellence alone is not everything; I believe children must aim for high grades but I also believe that children who score low grades also succeed in life; I believe in grades that help children pass an exam but I also believe in values which see them through life; I believe parents when they tell me that children do not like to study but I also believe in children who tell me parents do not have time for them, and finally he states I believe in destiny but I also believe that we are makers of it. --- Support this podcast:

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