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Meet and Greet with Jayant Kapatker

Meet and Greet with Jayant Kapatker

Learning Forward Podcast Season 10, Episode 18, produced by the students at My Good School, where passion meets education. The Program is brought to you by the students and interns who spread the joy of learning, focusing on reading, writing and speaking. In our podcast, we have Mr Jayant Kapatker. He graduated from  IIT, Kanpur, and has worked in India, Nepal, Spain, Australia, and the USA. He is the founder and CEO of STAM Interactive Solutions.  Many of us deem science and spirituality as separate realities, but once we observe, ponder and implore upon the fine lines, we discover that science and Vedanta share a common ground. The interconnection of science with Vedanta can bring about a dramatic change in the way we perceive and understand the universe. For over 15 years, Jayant attended Vedanta classes with dedication and passion at the Arsha Bodha Center in New Jersey. This experience was life-changing. Assimilating this knowledge and going deeper into the subject has become the main focus of his life. During this exciting journey, he has seen many connections between science and Vedanta. In 2014, he began writing essays to show us how the teachings of Vedanta can help us add a new dimension to the scientific understanding of the universe. Many people who followed and read these essays suggested that he should compile them in a book. Thus was born Science Meets Vedanta.  Host: Anvesha Rana Guests: Rishona and Shambavi from My Good School Comment below and let us know if you like our podcast. If you want to be a part of similar podcasts, join us. We hope to meet you again soon! Enjoy our shows on You will love the stories our students, teachers, and passionate educators share. Please find out more about My Good School at --- Support this podcast:

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