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Meet and Greet with Bhairavi Jani

Meet and Greet with Bhairavi Jani

Learning Forward Podcast Season 10 Episode 14, we try to understand India's strategy for unleashing its innate greatness: Ms Bhairavi Jani, the author of Highway to Swades. Join Anvesha and Rishona on this marvellous trip to rediscover India's superpowers. In a country overflowing with its culture, a nation intertwined along with its love for heritage and a place blossoming in its beautiful diversity. We belong to India, the land of differences, but these differences act as a binding force for each of us. India is indeed a great country, full of stories to tell and experiences to share. Indeed, all the powers mentioned in the book have their unique meaning.

Powers are a way to recall our past, and as we have said many times, India's only way to rediscover its superpowers is the Highway to Swades. At our Sunday School, we discussed the power of nature, and we believe the character has its way of healing us. Rishona asks Bhairavi Which power inspired you the most and touched your heart and why? Anvesha asks if nature helped you regain yourself and what you love the most about nature. 

Bhairavi is a fourth-generation entrepreneur, developmental enthusiast and avid venture philanthropist. She is the Chairperson and Founder of the IEF Entrepreneurship Foundation and Executive Director of SCA Group of Companies, founded in 1896. SCA Group undertakes activities in the supply chain and logistics sector.

Bhairavi has been listed as one of the 30 most Powerful Women in India by the India Today publication. She has been profiled as Stree Shakti (Woman Power) person by CNBC Awaaz and featured as a Young Turk by CNBC TV 18. She has been listed as one of the ten women exemplars by the Hindustan Times, and Business Today Magazine has featured her as the Supply Chain Maven.

Bhairavi is World Economic Forum's Young Global Leader. She is a KBF Fellow of the Aspen Global Leadership Network of the Aspen Institute and a Responsible Leader of the BMW World Responsible Leaders Forum. She is a Member of Beta Gamma Sigma, the Business Honor Society, USA, and the Past National Chairman of CII's Young Indians. She is a trustee of India@75 Foundation, Leap Foundation and Ananta Centre. She serves on the Global Advisory Committee of the Earth Day Network, the Advisory Board of the Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship and the Global Advisory Network of Apolitical Academy Global.

Bhairavi is a firm believer in entrepreneurial ecosystems that create livelihood opportunities. She dedicates much of her time, expertise and philanthropy to the cause and has been committed to it for the past decade. In 2014 Bhairavi drove 18,181 km. Across India to gather information on peoples' choices and views on entrepreneurship, livelihood and development. Travelling for 51 days with her team, Bhairavi visited 102 locations and conducted 3000 plus interviews of Indians from all walks of life.

Co-creating sustainable livelihoods for communities in the higher Himalayas is a mission close to her heart.

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The information about Bhairavi is sourced from her Linkedin Profile and conversations with us.

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