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Kavita Anand "I am passionate about Education..

Kavita Anand "I am passionate about Education..

Episode #85: Sandeep Dutt, in conversation with Kavita Anand, Co-founder & Executive Director of Adhyayan, Kavita Anand is catalysing a committed learning community of educators across India to transform the learning of students. For more than three decades as an educator, researcher, funder, school and system leader, and now edupreneur, she would like to ensure a good school for every child. Her school transformation journey started when she worked with college students and set about finding out the challenges for quality in education. Marks versus subjects; is society the challenge; how do we build an exemplar school; the need for the child to lead learning; and finally, how do we provide the scaffolding space for the teachers. Kavita set up Shishuvan and showcased what goes into the making of a good school. Looking at the future and following her passion gave rise to Adhyayan. In the conversation, she tries to explain how we can decode a good school, the framework and policy, and finally establish the impact on learning, driven by data and analytics. When questioned about the visual effect of education, she states that the truth is that an 18-year-old will have forgotten all that they have learnt at school, so best there is the pressing need to make sense of what the child needs. --- Support this podcast:

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