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Kapil Gaba "I am passionate about Education...

Kapil Gaba "I am passionate about Education...

Episode # 67: Sandeep Dutt, in conversation with Kapil Gaba, is committed to fighting systemic inequality by democratising and decentralising access to resources and support networks. Kapil has spent the last 16 years in the education sector and has moved to innovation and entrepreneurship. He believes these will be the drivers of the economy and society for the next 20 years—they're a startup based in the United States of America. OneValley’s mission is to be the World’s Innovation Community that supports the global startups and their founders with critical services and support in their ideation, launch and acceleration. The transition was necessitated by the fact the traditional model of getting a University degree and then getting a job will be increasingly under challenge. With more technology replacing people, there may not be enough jobs to support students in millions completing their education every year. Therefore, a lot of these students will have to become entrepreneurs either by choice or by circumstances. We need ecosystems and communities to support people engaged in entrepreneurship. In the show, he talks about a life-changing incident where one young person lays prostrate on his feet, speaking in a language alien to him and pleading for a job. He delves deep to find out the role of family and leadership, the need to move from rote-learning to critical thinking, handling complexity, and collaborate to meet the social conditions in the complex world. --- Support this podcast:

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