Joy Of Learning

Good Schools India (GSI.IN) Journal is a beacon of innovative education. It chronicles the experiences and efforts of dedicated educators at My Good School, sharing transformative ideas and championing the #JoyOfLearning.

My Good School

Where Passion Meets Education


"Good advice for those who want good schools to be even better."- Ruskin Bond

The story of My Good School opened with the Best-Selling Book, which was instrumental in establishing a school, a professional learning academy, and now the Good Schools India Journal to spread the joy of learning.

Good schools empower learners for a brighter future.
“How do you motivate people to read more often? Well, at My Good School, we have a unique approach. We operate on the philosophy of a book club, where we gather once a week to read, reflect and build relationships. To spice things up, we also invite authors and passionate educators/creative people to join us once a month.”
-Sandeep Dutt, Founder Learning Forward India Foundation

Where Passion Meets Education

Join us every Sunday from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at My Good School in India for inclusive and supportive learning. All ages are welcome. #MyGoodSchool.

  • Reading - Google Meet and Telegram Messenger.

  • Reflection - The program includes blogging, podcasts & and videos.

  • Relationships - We host Meet & Greet events and offer Internships.

“I’ve found a safe and encouraging environment to pursue my interests at My Good School. Whether reading, writing blogs, or listening to podcasts, I’ve explored these activities comfortably and without pressure. It’s a place that truly values and supports individual growth.” Ananya, Class 10

Reading, Reflection and Relationships

“My Good School improves confidence in speaking, helps improve listening skills and reading fluency, teaches us time management - balancing school work and Sunday My Good School sessions - helps us academically; we feel more confident performing in a play or giving a speech. Everyone quickly discovers the pleasure and joy of learning in an open, adaptable environment.” Rishona, School Captain

The Teacher’s Academy

Unlock your career potential with an affordable and top-tier professional learning program. Enhance your teaching skills and improve your school’s academic performance today.

Good Schools Alliance, The Teacher’s Academy and My Good School are innovations by the Learning Forward India Foundation, a non-profit organisation promoting the #JoyOfLearning.