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Is Your Child Ready To Face The World? Part 9 - Compassion

Is Your Child Ready To Face The World? Part 9 - Compassion

Abstract Dr Noella Pereira Dr Anupam Sibal's book titled "Is Your Child Ready To Face The World?" is an inspirational compilation of essential values that we need to teach our children. It instils in us the importance of imbibing these values ourselves before teaching them to our children. It emphasizes the need to be humble, compassionate, forgiving, honest, grateful, and most importantly being the change that we would like to see in others. Dr Sibal through his experiences as a paediatrician and father, masters the art of conveying each virtue to his son. This book teaches us lessons for life. A must-read for all individuals wishing to make a change in today's world. 18 Chapters: 1. Humility; 2. Beating The Odds; 3. It's Never Too Late; 4. Courage; 5. Handling Pressure; 6. Making Mistakes Accepting Flaws; 7. Be A Dreamer; 8. Finding Your Calling; 9. Compassion; 10. Making Others Happy; 11, Never Give Up Hope; 12. Determination; 13. Giving; 14. Be The Change; 15. Gratitude; 16. Goals; 17. Honesty; and 18. Forgiveness. Compassion Chapter 9, narrated by Bharti Rao, Vice Principal at The Fabindia School Bali, Rajasthan, India. --- Support this podcast:

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