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Dr Ashok Pandey "I am passionate about Education...

Dr Ashok Pandey "I am passionate about Education...

Episode #97: Sandeep Dutt, in conversation with Dr Ashok Pandey, his life story is beautiful; growing up in a village, he understood the need for values, diversity, and respect for the Guru. He talks about the idea of diversity and dedication of teachers; his teacher had a bag library and carried books for children to read to school every day! The role of a teacher is the highlight of this show. In the late 1960s, his teacher won the President of India's Award and travelled to Delhi. The true spirit of 'Guru without gururh' (truly selfless)'.

Dr Pandey believes in teachers first and empowers every individual; he is a team-builder and celebrated school leader. Dr Pandey was listed by Forbes India 2020 among the top 100 People Managers; he is now the Director of the Ahlcon Group of Schools in Delhi and has served as the Principal of the Ahlcon International School until 2019. Author of several articles and research papers, his third book, Launch Your Inspiring Principal Leadership, was published in 2019. Dr Pandey received the President of India award for his outstanding education services. Currently engaged in inter-faith dialogue and peacebuilding, has participated in the Global Peace Convention, held in Seoul,2019, the UN festival for Action on SDGs held in Bonn, 2018 and the Indo-Australia Leadership dialogue, Melbourne, 2017. Dr Pandey sits on the National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE) Governing Body, India; volunteers as the National Coordinator of Climate Reality Education Program in India; and sits on several advisory bodies. Dr Pandey is passionate about a system shift in education.

According to Dr Pandey, the teachers must eschew being a broadcaster and acknowledge several alternative sources of knowledge. The classrooms need a redesign to elicit students' love for learning and self-development. The pedagogy must shun predictability and encourage curiosity, innovation, and participation. Schools should be a place where students learn to become responsible citizens and engage in community development. As an advocate of Sustainable Development Goals, he believes that equity and social justice should shape curriculum and pedagogies.

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