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Christa Campsall

Christa Campsall

Where Passion Meets Education

Welcome to the second episode of Where Passion Meets Education (WPME), a podcast from the heart with success stories about schools and schooling.

Christa Campsall of My Guide Inside shares how her passion and the making of My Guide Inside gave her tremendous inner joy—not just vanilla happiness. The three Principles she mentions—your Mind, Thought, and Action—make you. To find your passion come to life, at the heart is the heart!

Christa Campsall, BEd, Dip|SpEd, MA, is a teacher who engages with students and educators at home and in the global community. She enjoys coaching, leading, and supporting the implementation of My Guide Inside (MGI) in classrooms and school systems.

In the podcast, you will learn that you have a guide inside you. Listen to your inner self—you may call it gut feel—and this is where passion is born. Twain shall meet, the inside and outside, for the fire of the love within to come alive. Your self-coaching, leading and supporting the implementation will bring joy to your learning.

‘Natural wisdom’ is the apple of the eye part of our show, as if it were a video! Looking back, she would do it. Christa mentions chapters of her life; she did a fabulous job as a special educator. Thus, the story is about one young person who was very special, and she was able to help that one child with ‘where passion meets education’.

The idea of offering the 3 Principles Curriculum as a guide for the growing-up years is unique. The Special student was passionate about studying the brain; she would do anything to make her passion come to life. Christa’s course helped her find herself by reading true stories and case studies. The girl was able to further her studies and is today in year four of her graduation—her fourth year in university.

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My Guide Inside brings out the best in all learners.

“The principles are . . . universal and ingrained just in a way that I live my life. . . . I almost don’t even need to go back and reflect because it applies to every aspect of my reality. The fundamental spirit of what we were learning [three years ago in high school] from My Guide Inside is both awareness of self and compassion for others.” University Student, Canada, 2021

Natural Wisdom is the only way to build a narrative where passion meets education. Understand your inner core—this takes a while—and stand on solid ground, which is valid universally. Passion keeps growing and is beyond culture; it is a universal understanding.

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Feel free to message me to find out more and get in touch with Christa.

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