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Abhijit Sinha "I am passionate about Education...

Abhijit Sinha "I am passionate about Education...

Episode #84: Sandeep Dutt in conversation with Abhijit Sinha, the creator of Project DEFY, enabling underserved communities to create an education for themselves through self-learning spaces called Nooks. At Nooks, individuals (children and adults) learn what makes them curious and caters to their needs and interests. Nooks are Schools without Teachers, Exams or even any curricula. They are controlled and managed by the learners themselves, who take complete charge of their own learning. Through DEFY, Abhijit has worked with over 17 communities and enabled 7000+ individuals to become self-learners. He has set up Nooks in 3 countries such as India, Uganda, and Rwanda and is now looking at setting up a Nook Hub in Zimbabwe. Abhijit believes that education should bring education back into the learners' hands, and the onus to choose what, when and how they learn should be a decision left to them. Nooks are cost-effective, self-learning environments where the learners design & define education for themselves. A community space that fosters curiosity, innovation, creativity, and critical thinking. A safe space where people from abject poverty, vulnerable communities, at-risk environments can come and create relevant life goals. In this podcast, he reflects on his personal experience and how dissatisfied he was living in the industrial age! Chasing a material life and not living one complete day, he says we need to slow down, think and work to become complete human beings. This is only possible when we live for the present moment and not keep working for the future under the pretext of getting educated. Abhijit doed not want education to be merely a transfer of instruction. Education is a much more interesting process of self-discovery and understanding of local and global surroundings. --- Support this podcast:

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