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2 Girls 1 Mic Episode 12

2 Girls 1 Mic Episode 12

The Labyrinth Of Life

At My Good School, the students follow their hearts and love to spread the joy of learning; we started as a simple online reading room and then came the reflections full of insight and intrigue. With time, reading, reflection, and relationships blossomed!

First, we worked as a social learning community and created blog posts; with time, the posts included graphics and voice, and this is the story of the Learning Forward Podcast at My Good School.

The latest 2 Girls 1 Mic episode is the 12th in the series, a testament to the unwavering dedication of our hosts, Simar and Oshi. We celebrate one year, and no exam or reason holds them back. On the 14th day of the month at 7 p.m., the show goes on air, and this is where passion meets education; welcome to My Good School!

Wow, this is episode 12. We are celebrating one year!

Join hosts Simar and Oshi as they embark on a thought-provoking journey through The Labyrinth Of Life. In this episode, they explore the concept of existence as a labyrinth inspired by a listener's poignant reflection. Is living synonymous with suffering? Does death offer an escape from life's trials, or is it just another enigma waiting to be unravelled? Delve into the depths of human experience as they discuss facing fears, embracing forgiveness, and finding hope amidst uncertainty. 

Please tune in for a reflective conversation that invites listeners to ponder life's mysteries and contemplate their place in the universe. We await your comments as you join us in this hearty and engaging discussion. Your thoughts are invaluable to us!

Thank you to Sandeep Dutt, sir, and My Good School for giving us this fantastic opportunity! 

Hosts - Simar Kaur and Oshi Singh 


#JoyOfLearning #2Girls1Mic #Podcast Only on Substack, streaming on your favourite channel, and on the website (Dil in Hindi means heart, and Jeeto means Winning), the show is from the heart, by the heart and is winning hearts!!!

Founder Members are welcome to the Learning Forward Podcast as our special guests. If you wish to join us, book a meeting with Sandeep Dutt from his website, #MyGoodSchool #WherePassionMeetsEducation.

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